quarta-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2012

Mata Ciliar Organization

Mata Ciliar is a non-governmental institute that rescue and rehabilitates wild animals from South America.
There is also a Feline Center that study and keep many wild felines that are exclusive to our brazilian fauna.

Here is their website. http://www.mataciliar.org.br
They still don't have an english version of the site, but it will be released soon.
I'm trying to translate the material as fast as I can @_@

I've been a volunteer from this place for 5 months now, and I can say it has been a real thrill.
Not just because I get to stay close to these wonderful creatures, but because I know I can help. :)
And it's a great sensation to feel this kind of thing.
This group needs all the help it can get because the number of animals that arrive are just too many daily and usually they arrive in terrible conditions so the number of deaths are high too... :(
And volunteers are necessary so that the vets and biologists can focus one treating these animals, instead of doing cleaning.

Cleaning is practicly the activity I do the most. But it's hard to complain when you know you are doing it for a good reason. :)

Here are some of the animals that live at the Center since they can't be released back to nature.

This is Bob. He is a Puma (mountain-lion) that is obese. He just came from a faraway Zoo and the local vet and biologist are trying to find out the reason why he became this fat.

These two are also recent residents. Two orphan pumas, Leo and Cristovão.

This one is called (by me) Mr. Burns. He is a very kind and cute vulture. I feel sad that he has been missing since his brother has been shot. His brother was reascued and is better now, but Mr Burns hasn't shown up ever since... :(

And this one is a female little parrot that is really evil...

There are many different animals there and it has been really fun to learn more about them. Before being an artist I always wanted to work with animals, so in a way, this is becoming a dream come true.

If you can be a volunteer in a shelter near you, have a try. These places always need volunteers and as much attention possible.

These guys really give their hearts and souls for the animals and they have my respect for that. :)

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André Toma disse...

o quê dizer do seu trabalho então?
ganhei a semana. :)
já para os favoritos.


Alice Grosseman Mattosinho disse...

Que legal, estou bastante ansiosa para visitar o Mata Ciliar e também trabalho como voluntária em uma ONG aqui em Florianópolis chamada OBA (organização Bem Animal). Lá também ajudamos com arrecadação de alimentos, castrações e tratamento de animais como cães e gatos (obafloripa.org) =)